Top 3 Highlights from giving my Gen Z Talk 20+ Times!

Spotify Podcast Headphones This article is based on our Gen Z @ Work podcast episode – listen via these links! 🎧 The Future of Work is here…and it looks a lot like Gen Z!  As someone who has been jetsetting around the country (and streaming globally) sharing my tips on connecting with the Gen Z […]

Luke Launches Gen Z @ Work Podcast for Future of Work Interviews & Insights

Spotify Podcast Headphones Calling all business leaders, managers and Gen Z professionals! Are you ready to unlock the immense potential of the emerging workforce and build a thriving, inclusive workplace for all? Then get ready because our brand new podcast Gen Z @ Work is here to guide you on your journey! Hosted by communications […]

Better Connect with Employees through Transparent & Purposeful Leadership

Linkedin Youtube Tiktok A staggering 50% of companies fail to even inquire about their employees’ well-being and experiences at work. This lack of engagement not only hinders employee morale but also deprives organizations of valuable insights that could fuel innovation and growth. While simply asking for feedback is a step in the right direction, it’s […]

Remote Work: Bridging the Disconnect between Managers & Employees

Linkedin Youtube Tiktok The rise of remote work has brought about a transformative shift in the workplace landscape. While many employees have embraced the flexibility and autonomy that remote work offers, managers often harbor lingering concerns about productivity and engagement. This perceived disconnect between managers’ perceptions and employees’ experiences can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and […]

Bridging the Communications Gap: Understanding Gen-Z’s Preferences

Linkedin Youtube Tiktok Navigating the Communication Landscape “What’s the deal with Gen-Z’s communication style?” is a common question posed by managers and leaders who find themselves struggling to connect with their younger workforce. The perceived reluctance of Gen-Z to engage in traditional communication methods can lead to frustration and a sense of disconnect. However, it’s […]

Delighting Gen-Z Talent: Prioritizing Growth & Skill Development

Linkedin   The workforce is undergoing a significant transformation as Gen-Z, the generation born between 1997 and 2012, enters the professional landscape. This digitally native cohort brings a unique set of values, expectations, and communication styles that organizations must understand to effectively attract, engage, and retain this valuable talent pool. Understanding Gen-Z’s Motivations Contrary to […]

Beyond Primal Instincts: Understanding Employee Turnover & Fostering Engagement

Linkedin When an employee decides to leave an organization, it’s easy to fall into the trap of blaming the individual, the circumstances, or even an entire generation. This reactive approach, often driven by our primal instincts, prevents us from gaining valuable insights and making necessary changes to improve employee engagement and retention. Shifting the Narrative: […]